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Meet Dr Tannaz Ahmadi

A Love For Dentistry From Your Gentle Turlock Dentist

I became a dentist at the advice of  my father, and have been practicing   since 2004. I love the creativity and   artistry required to reconstruct a   smile,   and the new sense of self-   esteem and confidence in a patient at   the end of treatment. The   people I care for are wonderfully diverse, and I spend time talking with them, hearing their stories, and learning about their backgrounds. These exchanges are incredibly rewarding and what I look forward to each morning.  I put my heart and soul into my   practice and into my patients. This isn’t just a job: this is my passion. I love helping my patients regain confidence in their smiles, one person at a time. When someone doesn’t feel good about the condition or appearance of their teeth, is in constant dental pain, or has less-than-optimal oral health, every part of their life is affected. Not only do they smile less, but oral health is connected to overall body wellness, so when the mouth isn’t healthy, the body doesn’t function as well as it should. As a dentist, I am able to improve a person’s smile, so they are happier. I am also able to get them out of pain and improve the health of their oral cavity, so their body is healthier, too. I strive to place myself in each patient’s shoes, to   understand their concerns and anxieties, listen to them, and provide a safe, calming environment in which to receive their care. Dentistry is about caring and healing, and I love that I am able to do both. 

Away from the Practice

My husband is a cardiologist in the Turlock area and we have two young sons who keep us very busy when we’re not caring for our respective patients. Spending time with my boys and my husband is always my preference away from work, though getting away for a hike is also something I love.


My Education and Commitment to Continuing Education

My Doctorate of Dental Surgery was awarded at Babol University of Medical Sciences. Because I am a life-long learner, and because dentistry is a constantly evolving field, with developments in materials, treatment methodologies, and technologies, I seek out continuing education offerings throughout the year. By staying abreast of the changes, especially in dental implants and cosmetic dentistry, and being able to offer a variety of treatment options, I am able to provide my patients with the highest level of care available. To do anything less would be unacceptable.

Professional Affiliations

American Dental Association

California Dental Association

Stanislaus Dental Society

American Academy Of Dental Sleep Medicine

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